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Registration of an eWallet
Posted by on 29 January 2014 03:48 PM

Before you open a trading account and start trading with FXOpen, you need to create your eWallet. The eWallet is the account that provides you with access to My FXOpen area — the main control tool to manage your funds and trading accounts.

To open an eWallet, take the following steps:

  1. Click Register on the FXOpen site.

  2. Choose one of the registration methods: by using social media profiles (1) or filling in the form (2).

Depending on the selected method of eWallet registration, you will need to use the linked social profile (1) or email and password (2) for logging in to your My FXOpen personal area. You can add or remove a social profile in My FXOpen in the menu Profile → Personal.


Simplified registration with social media profiles (1)

  1. Click the corresponding icon to register with your Facebook,  Google+ or VK account. Click Next

  2. Enter your email address, if required.

  3. If your name does not appear automatically, enter your First and Last name. Click Next.

  4. You will receive an email notification saying your Facebook / Google+ / VK profile has been successfully linked with your FXOpen account.

  5. Next step.


Registration by filling in the form (2)

  1. Fill in the registration form. “Email” and “Anti-spam code” are mandatory fields.

  2. The next step is password generation. You can enter your own eWallet password or use the one generated automatically.

  3. Click Submit. You will receive an email notification saying your eWallet has been successfully registered.

For both eWallet registration methods, if you complete the process successfully, you will see your FXOpen eWallet information.

Please record the PIN code in a safe place. It will be shown ONLY ONCE! The PIN code is required to confirm funds withdrawal/external transfers from your FXOpen eWallet and to perform secure actions. Use your email address and password or linked social accounts to access your FXOpen eWallet via My FXOpen area.


Completing your eWallet registration

Having logged in to My FXOpen area, you will need to pass the Verification procedure to complete the eWallet registration process. 

A newly registered eWallet has the Not Verified status. Please note, only clients with the Verified eWallet are able to withdraw funds.

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