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Knowledge base: MT4 Trading Platform
MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS
Posted by Olga Palikarpava on 08 January 2015 05:03 PM
At the moment installing MetaTrader 4 on Mc OS is possible via a free software application called PlayOnMac. PlayOnMac is a tool to help Mac users to easily install and run numerous applications originally designed to work on Microsoft Windows, via the use of (as a front-end for) Wine. However, be aware that Wine, like much freeware, has no guarantee of absolute stability. Some functions in the applications you run under it may not work correctly, or at all.

How to install PlayOnMac

To install PlayOnMac follow the next steps: 

  1. Go to the developers website and download the latest version of PlayOnMac from the Downloads section. 

  2. Launch the DMG-package from the Downloads section of your system.

  3. Once you launch the program a window will appear. Click "Next" to start the installation preparations and checking your system for all the necessary components.

  4. The first component that PlayOnMac will install is XQuartz. This is a neccessary piece of software for using the X Window System on Mac OS.
    If you already have XQuartz, then click "I've downloaded the file by myself", or if you want to install it later choose "Don't install XQuartz for the moment"
    Click Next.

  5. XQuartz is installed in several steps. Before anything else, you should check through the 'information-to-users' (Introduction, Read Me) and accept the license conditions.
    Click Continue.

  6. Confirm the installation by entering your Mac credentials.
    Click Install Software.

  7. Wait for the installation to complete, close the process and then restart your PC.  

  8. After restarting the system, run PlayOnMac again. The program can offer to install the MS Windows fonts (unless you have them). Please install the fonts if necessary. 

  9. As soon as the PlayOnMac main window appears, it's ready for you to use.

Note! When you install PlayOnMac, Wine is installed automatically. Wine can be updated to the latest (beta) version. To do this, please open the PlayOnMac upper menu and select "Manage Wine Versions".


How to install MetaTrader 4

To install PlayOnMac follow the next steps:

  1. Download the distribution package. After the download is complete, launch the setup file. PlayOnMac will be used automatically to open it.

  2. Enter the name of the program. 

    PlayOnMac creates a separate virtual logical drive for every installed program. The default path of the terminal's data folder is:

    Library\PlayOnMac\WinePrefix\MetaTrader_4_\Drive C\Program Files\MetaTrader 4

  3. The installation will go through a number of steps, including the compulsary acceptance accept of the license conditions.
    Wait for the installation to complete. 

  4. When the installation is complete, PlayOnMac will offer to create shortcuts for the MetaTrader trading terminal and the MetaEditor: (terminal.exe) and (metaeditor.exe) respectively. 

  5. Now you can use MetaTrader on your Mac. Just double click on the terminal shortcut in the PlayOnMac window to start working.
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