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Knowledge base: Skrill
Posted by on 28 January 2014 03:24 PM

What are the transaction limits within Skrill:

Non-verified customers can transfer up to EUR 1,000 per transaction. If a customer has completed any of the verifications, his/her per transaction limit will be EUR 10,000. This is the maximum amount that can be sent with one transaction.

If a customer completes a few verifications, his/her total transaction limit will be equal to the sum of verifications' values, i.e. a customer will be able to perform several transactions within the total limit sum.

Here is the list of verifications that Skrill applies for regular customers' accounts:

Initial limit increase (OECD countries)
Initial limit increase (Non OECD countries)
User has provided valid photo ID (or valid ID & address proof document for non EU countries)
EUR 15,000
EUR 15,000
User has verified their bank account
EUR 15,000
EUR 15,000
User has made a deposit via bank transfer
EUR 5,000
EUR 2,500
User has manual or auto verified credit or debit card
EUR 5,000
EUR 2,500
User has provided valid proof of address or has completed our postal address verification procedure
EUR 5,000
EUR 2,500
User has verified address via Schufa check
EUR 1,000 
(For Germany only)

Please note if a customer transfers EUR 2,000 in a month to FXOpen's account then he/she will be easily granted with “No Transaction Limits” status (after contacting Skrill's Customer Support Team).

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