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5. Conversion of Agent's commission remuneration
Posted by on 29 January 2014 11:56 AM

Partnership commission is calculated in USD regardless of the base currency of the referral's trading account.

Before commission remuneration is calculated, 1 point value and % of ECN commission is converted into USD at the Company's internal exchange rate. To view current and previous currency rates use the Currency Rates History in your FXOpen personal area.


An Agent (with a trading account in EUR) refers a client, whose trading ECN account is in EUR, too. The client closes a trade. The Agent commission makes up 15% of the ECN commission.

Follow the steps of the agent's commission calculation:

  1. Conversion rate of EUR/USD = 1.27151 (Bid);
  2. €24 (Commission in MetaTrader) will be converted in USD;
  3. €24 × 1.27151 = $30.52;
  4. 15% of $30.52 = $4.58;
  5. Conversion rate of EUR/USD = 1.333(3) (Ask);
  6. $4.58 will be converted in EUR;
  7. $4.58 / 1.333(3) = €3.44.

As we can see, there is double conversion that reduces the commission remuneration.

If you open a trading account for the purpose of getting referral commission, we strongly recommend that you choose USD as the account currency, in order to avoid unnecessary additional conversions.

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