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IP Access List: Black/ White list of IP addresses
Posted by on 29 January 2014 12:11 PM

Black list and White list of IP addresses in My FXOpen

Now you can block IP-addresses and put them on the Black list or allow the access to your MyFXOpen. 

To view the User activity statistics and be able to block/ unblock a necessary IP-address, please follow the next steps:

  1. Select Profile → IP Access List in My FXOpen.
  2. On the User activity tab, you can see logins to My FXOpen personal area. 

    To set the time period, select Date from and Date to, and then click Show.

    The following information will be displayed:
    • date when MyFXOpen was visited;
    • what IP address was used for authorization;
    • what device was used;
    • what operation system was used on the device;
    • what browser ran the application.

    There is a link opposite an IP address: Block or Unblock. You may block an IP address, i.e. to put it on the Black list or unblock an IP address, i.e. to ecxclude it from the Black list.

    Note: Unsuccessful attempts to log in to My FXOpen are shown in red.

  3. To view the full Black list or White list, click the Black and White lists tab. 
    You can select how the lists will be displayed: simultaneously or separately.

  4. Enter a real IP address, enable the Black listWhite list option and click Add to put the IP address on the list you've selected. 
    You can remove an IP address from either of the lists by clicking the Exclude link.

You can log into your My FXOpen area using only the IP addresses you have added to the White list!
If your White list is empty you will be able to access MyFXOpen using any IP address which is not "blacklisted".

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