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5. Histograms
Posted by on 29 January 2014 03:42 PM

OCTL2P install pack also includes a Histogram Advisor and a Histogram Indicator.

Histogram Adviser shows volumes/prices in real time that are used for trading while the Histogram Indicator's data are updated every 100 milliseconds and used only for analytical purposes.

Note! One chart window can contain only one advisor at the same time. If you want to use Histogram Advisor and OCTL2P simultaneously you have to open two windows for the same currency pair.

To activate the histogram double-click on it in the Navigator window or simply drag and drop it onto the chart. The settings window will appear. Make sure that all the Allow… check-boxes at the Common tab are checked. At the Inputs tab you can customize your histogram:

  • Level2Depth – the depth of market shown on the histogram.

  • VolumeInQTY:

    • True – volume is shown in quantity of the base currency.
    • False – volume is shown in lots.
  • RealVolumes:

    • True – real volume mode. Shows the actual volumes stacking the bands one to another without binding to price scale.
    • False – real price mode. Shows the volume bands bound to price scale. Volume bands can be aggregated using actual L2 and therefore differ from 'real volume' bands.
  • MaxRequestVolume – specifies the L2 volume that will be used as the horizontal size of the histogram. The default value – 0.00 – means that the biggest current volume will be used as the horizontal size of the histogram.

  • HistoBarSizeInPerc – the horizontal size of the histogram against the width of the chart (%).

  • HistoBarThicknessInPixel – the vertical size of the histogram's bars (for 'real volume' mode only; 'real price' bands are always 1 pixel height).

Also you can change the colors of the histogram. By default the light sections of the bars show real volumes and the dark sections of the bars show segregated volumes.

Histogram also includes:

  • Yellow and grey vertical dotted lines – scale marks; yellow - non-aggregated volumes, grey - aggregated volumes.

  • Bands' numbers – show max non-aggregated ask/bid volumes available (by default – light red/green numbers) and max aggregated ask/bid volumes available (by default – dark red/green numbers).

  • Vertical red line – allows changing the horizontal size of the histogram (HistoBarSizeInPerc) by double-clicking on it and dragging.

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